Corporate Internship Programme: SAB&T IFC (Mauritius) & Pax

Have you ever wanted to try out your chosen career whilst studying to ensure you’re on the right path?

Look no further, SAB&T IFC and Pax Edutaintment Pvt Ltd are in a partnership that offers students, who are in their final year(s) of studies at University, to experience working in their chosen corporate fields gaining practical insight for a 3 – 6 month time.

The types of internships on offer at SAB&T IFC are: Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Digital Marketing, Logistics and Operations, Shipping and Port Management, Construction Management and Real Estate, Law etc.

PAX Mauritius Ltd selects suitable corporate companies for all their student interns. Each internship is assigned on the basis of an individuals’ interest to ensure that it is tailor matched to our interns and their learning elements.

If you are interested in applying for an internship with PAX and SAB&T IFC, click on this link to take you to the website. Follow the process to apply.